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Real Property Closings

Legal guidance for real estate closings.

When involved in purchase or sale of real property, make sure you have a professional on your side. We are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient closing process for buyers, sellers, and lenders. Whether a residential or commercial transaction, refinance, or auction, we have the expertise and knowledge to get you marketable title. Ask our Twig Division about real estate closing services.

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Our Twig Division understands that real estate closings are crucial milestones in property transactions, and they require careful attention to legal details to ensure a smooth and successful transfer of ownership. Our experienced real estate attorneys guide clients through the complexities of real estate closings in Florida. Whether you are a buyer, seller, lender, or investor, we provide comprehensive legal services to protect your interests and facilitate a seamless closing process.

Our real estate closing services include:

  1. Contract Review and Negotiation: We meticulously review and negotiate real estate purchase agreements to safeguard your rights and interests. Our attorneys ensure that the contract terms are fair, compliant with applicable laws, and protect you from potential pitfalls or disputes.
  2. Title Search and Examination: We conduct thorough title searches and examinations to identify any potential issues that may affect the property's ownership rights. We work closely with title companies to resolve any title defects, liens, or encumbrances, ensuring a clear and marketable title for the property.
  3. Due Diligence: We assist buyers in conducting comprehensive due diligence on the property, including reviewing surveys, zoning regulations, environmental reports, and any applicable permits or restrictions. Our attorneys help you make informed decisions based on the property's legal status and potential risks.
  4. Escrow and Earnest Money: We oversee the proper handling of earnest money deposits and escrow accounts, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and protecting your funds during the closing process.
  5. Closing Document Preparation: Our attorneys prepare all necessary closing documents, including deeds, promissory notes, mortgages, and settlement statements. We ensure that these documents accurately reflect the terms of the transaction and comply with Florida law.
  6. Closing Representation: We provide knowledgeable representation at the closing table to protect your interests and ensure that the closing process proceeds smoothly. Our attorneys review all closing documents, explain their contents, and address any questions or concerns that may arise.
  7. Post-Closing Matters: After the closing, we assist with post-closing matters, such as recording deeds and mortgage documents with the appropriate government authorities and addressing any outstanding issues that may arise.

Our Twig Division attorneys are committed to providing personalized and comprehensive legal services throughout the real estate closing process. We prioritize attention to detail, open communication, and a results-driven approach to ensure a successful and stress-free closing experience. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us guide you through your real estate transaction with confidence.

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