What is Art Law Exactly?

You may be wondering, what exactly is art law? Most people guess that it has something to do with copyrights.  Well, that's partially right and a great guess! However, the full answer is far more encompassing.

How I like to describe Art Law to people, is that it's anything and everything to do with the law and art whether it be transactional, such as buying an original work from an artist, gallerist, or auction house for example.

It also includes litigation which is the juicier stuff, for when things go awry like breaching a contract or selling fraudulent art.

At Twig Trade & Tribunal PLLC™ we handle both transactional work and litigation


·         Determining Copyright ownership of a work of visual art;

·         Due diligence;

·         negotiating a consignment agreement for an artist with a Gallery including territory and split of fees;  

·         appealing art appraisals for federal tax returns;  

·         handling the closing of a private sale of art;

·         defending against fraud allegations;

·         advising gallerist on best practices for due diligence and advising as to anti-money laundering

·         and so much more

Ultimately art law focuses on all aspects of Art it's an interesting and wonderful field and we are lucky to practice it here at Twig, Trade, & Tribunal PLLC™.

Please feel free to review other blog posts and learn how we can help you with your Art Law matters.

Josh Lida, Director of Art and Business Law, can be reached at his direct line (954) 636-1653 or his email Josh@TwigLaw.com

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